The journey of life is full of ups and downs… the peaks and the valleys that make up each of our days and even simply our moments. Everyone has them. Toss the title of “Mom” in the mix and I can guarantee your fair share of mountain tops and valley floors. Add on top of that the title of “Youth Pastors” and the hike gets a little steeper. I for sure got a few side glances when I decided to add the title of “cloth diaperer” into the mix. Let’s face it, no matter how you turn it, poop is NOT a peak. My many titles seems to grow almost daily. I’ve held the title of “sick but doesn’t look it” for nearly 17 years, while my title of “Usborne Book Consultant” will begin tomorrow. Why I picked today of all days to begin “blogger” I can’t quite say.

I do know that God put this blog on my heart a long time ago. It’s been a climb getting to the point where I am finally ready to start. God granted me the gift of gab at a young age and I guess He figures it’s high time I put it to use. So, with a stirring in my spirit, I set off on a new hike, one I hope to be filled with lots of peaks, but I’m sure will come with a few pits as well.

My goal for this blog is simple: to show grace and love while dealing with life and all it has to offer. It’s a blog for moms, dads, Christians, crafters, and everyone in between. I hope to make it home, just like I have the mountains for so long. Growing up in the foothills of Eastern Kentucky does something to a person. You get coal dust and Kentucky Wildcats on the brain and you are forever changed. It’s the places. It’s the people. It’s those beautiful mountains and everything they represent.

I don’t call those foothills home any more. My husband and I moved to the lovely town on Bedford, IN in the fall of 2014 to be youth pastors at Grace Full Gospel Church. It was a scary leap, but the best one we’ve ever taken. This place might not have mountains, but it has hills, and they’ve taken me in like one of their own. I still have creeks to play in, hills to hike, and the people are just as friendly.

It’s here we’ll raise our boys, growing like weeds. It’s here my life will play out, in all it’s rolling, tumbling, glory. And it’s on this blog I hope to share all of that with each of you. The highs and lows… those amazing views and heartbreaking valleys. So go on this journey with me as I take on one more title. This is me, poured out on page. I am Upland Mama.