Friday Funday: 4th Celebration Shirts

Many cute and fun crafts come through my Facebook newsfeed every day. This happened to be one I just couldn’t pass up. Since my boys and I didn’t have any shirts to wear for our church’s Patriotic Service and Fireworks show this coming Sunday, I saw this and couldn’t resist making our own!


Shirts for each person

Craft paint: Red, White, Blue, and Glitter Silver

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls

Cardboard pieces

Old spare sheet or drop cloth



We started by turning our old toilet paper and paper towel tubes into our stamps. Make vertical cuts around each end of the tubes. How far you cut up will determine how large your finished firework stamp will be. We also did a variation by cutting out every other strip so make a wider spray pattern. Doing this will help each stamp give a different finished look.


You will need a paper plate for each color of paint you use. I found that lightly taping the bottom of the plate, while tilting it, helped to spread the paint around enough for the stamps to fit, without having to dirty up a brush. The blue paint in the picture below has been taped out while the others have not.


Place the pieces of cardboard (I salvaged mine from an old diaper box) inside each shirt. This will prevent the paint from leaking through onto the other side and creates a stable work surface. Now you’re ready to stamp!

Be gentle with the stamps. They will flair out with just a little pressure. If you press too hard, you will end up with excess paint, and your fireworks won’t be as distinguished. Place the stamp firmly onto the shirt, press evenly, and lift straight up.


Continue stamping until your design is complete! We overlapped our stamps to make clusters of fireworks. Here is John’s finished shirt.


For a little extra detail, I took the tip of a pencil and drew a few bursts coming out a little larger than my stamped fireworks. It added just the right amount of detail.


Jacob loved this project and stamped his shirt with just a little help from Mamaw. I decided to create a running design along one side of my shirt. I really love how it turned out.



This was a very easy and fun project. Set up time took about 5 minutes. The stamping itself took around 10 for all of us since we shared the stamps. Clean up took around 2 minutes. Be sure to let the shirts dry completely before removing the cardboard inserts.


As always, Be Blessed!

Upland Mama